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Making Waves

By September 27, 2021News

The Now Boarding Crew have always believed in paying it forward. We want to uplift and truly recognise those around us. Hopefully, inspiring them to do the same. 


When COVID hit and we saw friends and communities struggling to cope with financial and psychological knocks, we realised how fortunate we were. The ‘new normal’ may have been hard for us personally, but as a business and a team, we were strong as ever.  


Working from home actually deepened our relationships with each other, our friends, partners and clients. Through screens, we got to know each other’s kids and dogs, and our shared experience of the scary unknown gave us a kind of understanding that wasn’t available to us before.


As the end of 2020 rolled around, we thought about how to express to everyone we work with how much we appreciate their ideas, trust, expertise, time and, of course, their business. 


We soon realised that the most meaningful gift we could give was to pay it forward by using our skills and time to make a real impact. So we began looking for an organisation that could benefit from our branding, UX and strategic contribution. And as if by serendipity, we connected with Waves for Change.


Why Waves for Change

Now Boarding’s Co-founder and Creative Director, Michel, has always found a sense of peace and stillness in the water. Being out there restarts his mind and gives him perspective on whatever task or challenge rolls around in his thoughts. The gratification of standing up and riding a wave always pumps life into him. He leaves the water new. 


When Managing Director, Leigh, spotted a post on LinkedIn from an old friend asking for help on Waves for Change, they knew they’d found the website pro-bono project they were looking for. Waves for Change is an NPO with a significant track record and footprint that uses Surf Therapy to help kids living in disadvantaged communities and difficult environments. It does for these kids what Michel finds in the water every time he’s there, while also giving them a sense of belonging, tools to cope with stress, and a knowing that there’s more to life…

The challenge

  1. Waves for Changes’ website was full of great information, but it was difficult to find and consume
  2. There was no way for the public to donate directly from the website
  3. The brand, as a whole, didn’t quite capture the Afro-surf culture and positive nature of the organisation and its people

The solution

  1. Simplify and hierarchically structure information that highlights Waves for Change’s impact, energy and programmes
  2. Create a simple-to-use donation platform with strong calls to action
  3. Re-energize the brand with the vibrance that reflects Waves for Change’s true passion and spirit
  4. Ensure that the website was built to continuously evolve with the organisation and their story

We wouldn’t have been able to do any of this without our incredible partners, who didn’t hesitate to jump on board. We salute you, Greenbox (Development), Distil Digital (SEO), Traffic Brand Digital (Performance Media), Traffic Brand Analytics (Analytics) and Heysous (Social Campaign Concept). 



Working with people whose intention is to make life better for others is indescribable. Their passion, positivity and enigmatic energy was the highlight of our weeks and brought so much meaning to our lives. 


For our crew, the collaboration on this project brought all of us closer. Michel personally crafted the Waves for Change design, and his dedication filtered through to all of us. We believed in what we were doing and supported each other to make it work. 


Our hope

With the new site up and running, we hope that you’ll be inspired to pay it forward too and donate to Waves for Change. No amount is too small. With all of our help, the organisation will continue to grow and make a massive impact on so many lives.