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Your website and POPIA

By June 7, 2021News
Your website and POPIA

It’s All About Consent

Users have a right to know how their data is being used and stored, and to choose whether or not to allow it. So we need to be clear about:

  • Why data is being collected
  • What it will be used for, by who, and for how long
  • How it will be stored and moved
  • If consent has been given

Our POPI Promise


Cookies and tracking
With our Analytics partners, we’ll make sure that your website or app is compliant and will only collect personal cookie data when a user’s consent has been given.


Information collection

If your website or app requests personal information from users, we’ll make sure they know why their info is being collected and how it will be used, and that they’ve opted in.

Your customer data is yours

Your customer data is yours

We won’t see or store any of your data. If your website or app collects customer information for you, it will be passed directly to you or into a secure 3rd party tool. If we’re helping you to communicate with your customers via email, we’ll empower you to manage your own customer data.

3rd party tools

3rd party tools

We will make sure that any tools or plugins we recommend are POPI or GDPR compliant.

Your information is safe with us

Your information is safe with us

All of our Now Boarding business management tools are compliant, and being used in safe and responsible ways by our team. Only the necessary crew members have access to your information.

Need help?

If you need help with your existing website’s POPI compliance, please chat to us soon as the deadline is 30 June. E-mail or to kick-start a quick audit.